Our concept


Mother earth has changed a lot lately. We have witnessed rapid ice melting, flood, drought, wildfire, and storms more too frequent. Forest have been destroyed, and ocean has been polluted. Human activities are major part of the reasons whether they are social, industrial, or farming.   

We need to change our lifestyle.

Agriculture is an important activity of humankind. It produces not only food for us but also fiber and fuel. 


GreenFoodandGoodFarm wish to encourage for a serious debate on how we can collectively change practices of farm and food production so that food security for all can be achieved while the environment is affected to the minimal. Science and technology should help us to bring adequate food and a sustainable world into a balance. 

GreenFoodandGoodFarm support concept as proposed by IPCC on the Climate-resilient development pathways (CRDPs) and other concepts in this direction for a sustainability of our world and ourselves.